Sonntag, 23. Februar 2014

Sims3 World: CupOfExperiments >> SneekPeek

Dear Simmers,
Today i Show u all a lil sneekpeek of the world "CupOfExperiments".
i work since the release of "into the future" on this world, and it still got a long way to go till i can release it.
To sweeten your waiting time i`ll Show u now a few pics ;)
 photo Screenshot-5_zpse395ad90.jpg  photo Screenshot-4_zpsf4709b1f.jpg  photo Screenshot-6_zpsbb3f3940.jpg
So a few facts about this world:
its again a medium sized map, with a distant Terrain added to it.
At the moment you pretty much need all main expension packs, to play this world.
there are 6 different areas and 4 hidden Islands. This time i used bridges so that u dont have to use a boat or swim to often, only to reach the hidden Islands you will need boats.
i use absolutly no CC, No Store Content and no Patterns.
If you have questions or wanna help build lots (mostly residental needed), just leave a comment.