Sonntag, 23. Februar 2014

Sims3 World: CupOfExperiments >> SneekPeek

Dear Simmers,
Today i Show u all a lil sneekpeek of the world "CupOfExperiments".
i work since the release of "into the future" on this world, and it still got a long way to go till i can release it.
To sweeten your waiting time i`ll Show u now a few pics ;)
 photo Screenshot-5_zpse395ad90.jpg  photo Screenshot-4_zpsf4709b1f.jpg  photo Screenshot-6_zpsbb3f3940.jpg
So a few facts about this world:
its again a medium sized map, with a distant Terrain added to it.
At the moment you pretty much need all main expension packs, to play this world.
there are 6 different areas and 4 hidden Islands. This time i used bridges so that u dont have to use a boat or swim to often, only to reach the hidden Islands you will need boats.
i use absolutly no CC, No Store Content and no Patterns.
If you have questions or wanna help build lots (mostly residental needed), just leave a comment.

Montag, 19. August 2013

A Childs Paradise

A Childs Paradise 

Hello dear Sims Fans ;)


Today i finaly release and post some pics and fakts about my newest world creation.

here are some fakts:
- Medium World Size
- No Sims in this world
- All EPS Needed inklusive Island Paradise
- Created with Patch 1.55
- 4 Islands u can discover
- Alot diving spots 
- Housboat Ports
- All other lots are either made by Myself, or EA standard lots
- No CC, No Store Content

- Big thanks to my Playtesters :
( from the US- Sims3 Forum)
  - Writin_Reg 

  - Rukaya

New download link:
Download link Exchange:
Download link Mediafire:

Here are now some pics: 

CAW 1 photo 1_zpsfa0c1791.jpg CAW 4 photo 4_zpsd877dad4.jpg CAW 3 photo 3_zps5a0f2428.jpg CAW 5 photo 5_zpsd977ac1c.jpg CAW 2 photo 2_zpsd712dfb4.jpg CAW 7 photo 7_zpseab3a606.jpg CAW 8 photo 8_zpsa6309f28.jpg CAW 9 photo 9_zps040616ba.jpg CAW 10 photo 10_zps56d10263.jpg  photo 1_zps713aa707.jpg  photo 2_zps7045149c.jpg  photo 4_zpsfd42d5eb.jpg  photo 8_zps2fa38314.jpg  photo 11_zps3d65d888.jpg  photo 10_zps91384357.jpg  photo 15_zps4e66e0c9.jpg  photo 19_zps63fae0f3.jpg  photo 17_zps7a1f593a.jpg  photo 22_zpsbb5b57d8.jpg  photo u1_zps57eae8d6.jpg  photo u4_zpsb0bd9d4c.jpg  photo u2_zps233b1b10.jpg  photo 23_zps42252983.jpg

Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013

Small Sims Heart



Name of the world: SmallSimsHeart
Map Size: Small Map
Eps Used: Base, Generations, Pets, Supernatural, 
   Seasons, University
SPs Used: Outdoor Living, Town Life, 
    Master Suite, Diesel
Community Lots: 24 lots
Empty Houses: 10
Houses with Families: 11
Empty Lots: 9

Download Link Exchange:

Download Link Mediafire:

I build all community and residental lots myself or changed some of the ea lots.

Here i show u screenys i make while building the world...and playtesting and so on..

 photo 01Overview1daytime_zpsf8672db5.jpg
 photo 02Overview1Nighttime_zpsc45934a0.jpg

Comunity Lots:

Townhall photo Townhall_zps463c02ae.jpg

City Towers
Towers photo Towers_zpsb53b84f9.jpg

Stadion photo Stadion_zpsaf6d590d.jpg

School photo School_zps8dad6ebb.jpg

Pool photo Pool_zps6031759d.jpg

Cinema photo Market3_zps8411a0ef.jpg

Spa photo Market2_zpse823159c.jpg

Grocery and Bookstore
Bookstore and Groccerystore photo Market1_zps0ca14236.jpg

Libary photo Libary_zps192fc576.jpg

Hospital and Laboratorium
Hospital and Laboratorium photo HospitalLaboratorium_zps7b22d072.jpg

Gypsy Caravan
Gypsy Caravan photo GypsyCaravan_zpsa383f78f.jpg

Arboretum photo Arboretum_zpsaff82c4b.jpg

Art Galery
Art Galery photo ArtGalery_zps8b17a2f6.jpg

Bandit Loft
Bandit Loft photo BanditLoft_zps8728aa09.jpg

Bowling Arcade
Bowling Arcade photo BowlingArcade_zpsb3886da5.jpg

Cafe photo Cafe_zps261731c5.jpg

Fishing Spot
Fishing Spot photo Fishingspot_zps382ff772.jpg

Graveyard photo Graveyard_zpsb66ac821.jpg

Gym photo Gym_zpse041189c.jpg

EQ Center
EQ Center photo EQCenter_zps76eddead.jpg

Horse Ranch
Horse Ranch 1 photo Horseranch1_zpsf5fb29ce.jpg Horse Ranch 2 photo Horseranch2_zps625032c2.jpg

Beach 1 photo Beach1_zps72289b93.jpg Beach 2 photo Beach2_zps511836ff.jpg

Pet Store (without petregister)
Pet Shop 1 photo PetStore1_zps37fac5c1.jpg

Potion Shop
Potion Shop 1 photo PotionShop1_zpsdb9dd61c.jpg

Supernatural Hangout
Supernatural Hangout 1 photo SupernaturalHangout1_zpsaafddf8b.jpg

Vamire Lounge
Vampire Lounge 1 photo Vampbar1_zpsc344345c.jpg

Festival Lot (the final festival is a lil different then those pics but let urself be surprized)

Festival 1 photo Festival1_zps4fad512a.jpg

Festival Autum 1 photo FestivalAutum1_zps6ecfbb06.jpg

Festival Winter photo FestivalWinter_zps58d4589c.jpg

Spring (yup wierd but more snow then in winter lol^^)
Festival Spring 1 photo FestivalSpring1_zpscc70e722.jpg

A lil lookaround:
heavy Snow photo HeavySnow_zps5d316c5e.jpg Snow photo Snow_zps4dde4b4f.jpg Random photo Mix10_zps34ece18c.jpg First Snow photo FirstSnow_zps6fbf4393.jpg Waterfall 2 photo Waterfall_zpsa858cde2.jpg Fogg 2 photo Mix08_zps7fbf128f.jpg Testing 1 photo Mix05_zpsceb0ff72.jpg Streets 1 photo Mix04_zps534d71e7.jpg Beachlook 2 photo Mix03_zps2be7ef36.jpg Waterfall 1 photo Mix02_zpsef802c84.jpg

A Few of the Houses i made:

Poor Area: (Meaning the foggy area left side of the heart between the comunity lots and the beach area)
Poor 5 photo Poor5_zpsc282c16a.jpg  photo Poor9_zps068efe7b.jpg Poor 4 photo Poor4_zps18bed9ea.jpg Poor 2 photo Poor2_zps85c7ab67.jpg

Pets area (meaning: in that area the houses have all the pets stuff included and maybe horse stables -  its at the top of the heart..right to the community lots)
Pets 9 photo Pets9_zpsd587f25c.jpg Pets 7 photo Pets7_zps5a187e86.jpg Pets 6 photo Pets6_zps674e2fbb.jpg Pets 2 photo Pets2_zps8f12485c.jpg

Normal and Beach area: (guess u all know..its simply the rest of the heart^^)
Normal 06 photo Normal6_zps737030a6.jpg Normal 2 photo Normal2_zpse8f2a8b1.jpg Normal 3 photo Normal3_zpsce888f43.jpg

So now coming the a few housholds i made :
( Vampire, Plantsim, Werewolf, Fairy, Witch, Horses, Dogs, Cats, Teens, Toddler, Child, Young Adult, Adult and Elder  Sims.)
Household Lonley photo HousholdLonley_zpsda2acf4b.jpg  photo SupernaturalWG_zps7a39ba07.jpg Houshold Bunasi photo HousholdBunasi_zpsd298eb1b.jpg Witch photo HousholdWitch_zps6216224d.jpg Vallon photo HousholdVallon_zps461e8967.jpg Schulze photo HousholdSchulze_zps0fe1479d.jpg McDillan photo HousholdMcDillan_zpseec01b7e.jpg Haku photo HousholdHaku_zps16fe2b0e.jpg Gushiken photo HousholdGushiken_zpsa7f5899e.jpg Ashina photo HousholdAshina_zps17f5b8ea.jpg

The final world is still a lil different cause i dont wanna show all in the pictures ;)

Enjoy the world..and plz post if u find problems with this world (routing..buggs?)

U can Post here on on FB: