Montag, 19. August 2013

A Childs Paradise

A Childs Paradise 

Hello dear Sims Fans ;)


Today i finaly release and post some pics and fakts about my newest world creation.

here are some fakts:
- Medium World Size
- No Sims in this world
- All EPS Needed inklusive Island Paradise
- Created with Patch 1.55
- 4 Islands u can discover
- Alot diving spots 
- Housboat Ports
- All other lots are either made by Myself, or EA standard lots
- No CC, No Store Content

- Big thanks to my Playtesters :
( from the US- Sims3 Forum)
  - Writin_Reg 

  - Rukaya

New download link:
Download link Exchange:
Download link Mediafire:

Here are now some pics: 

CAW 1 photo 1_zpsfa0c1791.jpg CAW 4 photo 4_zpsd877dad4.jpg CAW 3 photo 3_zps5a0f2428.jpg CAW 5 photo 5_zpsd977ac1c.jpg CAW 2 photo 2_zpsd712dfb4.jpg CAW 7 photo 7_zpseab3a606.jpg CAW 8 photo 8_zpsa6309f28.jpg CAW 9 photo 9_zps040616ba.jpg CAW 10 photo 10_zps56d10263.jpg  photo 1_zps713aa707.jpg  photo 2_zps7045149c.jpg  photo 4_zpsfd42d5eb.jpg  photo 8_zps2fa38314.jpg  photo 11_zps3d65d888.jpg  photo 10_zps91384357.jpg  photo 15_zps4e66e0c9.jpg  photo 19_zps63fae0f3.jpg  photo 17_zps7a1f593a.jpg  photo 22_zpsbb5b57d8.jpg  photo u1_zps57eae8d6.jpg  photo u4_zpsb0bd9d4c.jpg  photo u2_zps233b1b10.jpg  photo 23_zps42252983.jpg

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