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Sims 3 World : Lucky Green

Sims 3 World : Lucky Green

A few Details:
Look: 4 Leaves Cloverleaf
Medium Map: 1024x1024
EPs: Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime
SPs: Outdoor Acc, Traumsuite Acc, Katy Perry Acc, Diesel Acc
Sps are only recommented and not realy needed to play and install this world.
Families: 11
Houses: 21
Comunity Lots: 31
Empty Lots: 50  (mostly labelt as Community without visitors)

All Lots are either my Creatons, EA Standard or changed EA Lots.

Comunity Lots are:
Townhouse (military, city hall, police). City park with a stage, a hospital and research lab, coffee shop (cooking career and show stage), Giant Show (including the stadium), School, Private Show, Live Show (karaoke), gas station, EQ center, movie studio, Grocery store, book & bath, theater, casino, Club lounge, disco, cemetery, swimming pool, library, fitness center,art gallery, beach, Lokalbar, Horse Ranch, Horse Center, dog park, cat jungle, pet store, warehouse (bandits buildings), office buildings (Towers)

There are 2 Versions.

V1 : CC: EQ Center, Gas Station, Blackjack table, Slot Maschiene, Pet Store register

(no idea why but those are listed when i check with CC cleaner)

V2 : No CC, Butmissing those lots: Casino, Gas Station, EQ center; and in the Pet Store is no Register

here a few pics:

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